Kari A. Beckman, PH.D. Licensed Phychologist, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy


Psychotherapy is best described and experienced as a route to personal growth and development, and as a path to relief from suffering, pain, fear, a sense of isolation or of being stuck. My approach to psychotherapy is guided by the belief that people do the best they can to cope within the range of options they experience as available to them. Often, this is dictated by one’s past relationships, experiences, circumstances in childhood, and experiences of painful events that were not of one’s choosing. Often times the paths people take to adapt to life events work well for them in one context but do not work well in another, and can lead to pain and suffering. Patterns that people adopt are often out of our conscious awareness. The aim of psychotherapy is to carefully explore both the genesis and utility of these developed strategies or paths, and consider how they may be changed when they are causing harm.

Common Concerns:

As a clinical psychologist, I work with adults of all ages, of both genders and with traditional and non-traditional sexual orientations, who come to therapy with a wide range of difficulties. I also work with couples.

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